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12 Ways to beat a Future Pandemic | Start prepping today

Start prepping today - Beat a Future Pandemic Preppers around the globe were right. Here are their tips and tricks on how to beat a pandemic like Covid-19.  January was a beautiful month, and the beginning of my journey through Europe. When coronavirus landed in...

What is Prepper’s Lifestyle? What does a Day in the Life Look Like?

What does a day in the life of a prepper look like post lockdown? Is a prepper’s lifestyle something you’d like to try?


How to Survive Post Election Riots Fingers crossed, regardless of who prevails, people will keep their cool. However, 2020 being what it is, today we have our doubts about how the people will react. If you live in an area that has experienced civil unrest in the past,...

7 Reasons why pepper spray is must have SHTF item

Pepper spray is a valid option for you to consider when prepping and in this article (written by our guest writer Amplus) they outline some great points.

How much does it cost to be completely prepped and ready?

What is the cost of prepping? We go that one step further and give you some ACTUAL figures to help fully understand the cost of prepping.

How to increase your mental toughness through a shtf situation

Mental toughness and why it’s super important to consider this aspect of your SHTF preparation.

How to Build a Simple Fish Trap for Survival |With Pictures!

Learn how to build a simple fish trap with basic materials and tools you’d find around the house.

Is Food Stockpiling Illegal In the United States?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to worry about their food supplies. Lockdowns and limitations around the United States and elsewhere have forced people to stay in their homes, or at least be stuck longer than usual. These limitations have made people...

Surviving a Hurricane – 25 Facts you Should Know

We’ll take you through the stages of proper hurricane preparation, detailed info about what to do during and then dealing with the aftermath.

Is it safe to drink tap water through a pandemic?

Is it safe to drink tap water during a pandemic? Yes! Read on to find out more.

15 Best survival apps | We reviewed the best apps available 2020

Survival apps can be life changers. Before we take a look at the best survival apps, I thought that it would be interesting to look at the story of a man whose life was saved by a survival app. This is the story of Dan Woolley. Natural disasters are part of Mother...

Can you eat moss? Is moss a suitable food source?

What is moss? Is moss edible? Where to find moss? How to identify different types of moss. What types of moss are poisonous?

Wild mushrooms guide | Which ones to eat and which to avoid

Mushrooms galore! We go through the basics with our wild mushroom guide.

How to locate what you need using a Compass

Not sure how to use a compass? This article will talk you through all you need to know.

4 Easy Meals and Recipes for when the SHTF or in Tough Conditions

4 easy recipes for healthy, tasty food you can rely on when SHTF.

How to Start a Fire with your Pee

I sat down today to try and learn about some different fire starting methods when I came across the unbelievable method of starting a fire with your own urine! So that’s it in a nutshell but have you ever thought if you would need to learn... how to start a fire with...

What is a solar reflector oven? Why do you need one!

What are solar reflector ovens? Why do I need one! Don't you hate it when you get a power outage? A cable comes down, or a transformer blows and there you are unable to cook a hot meal. It happened to me the other day and I was not amused. It took 30 hours to restore...

9 vegetables you’ll need to grow when the SHTF

How to Grow Vegetables The world has seen some bad times recently right? If you tried to buy any gardening tools or plants during the first phase of lockdown in 2020, there was a huge shortage of stock as everyone rushed to learn how to grow their own veg. The...

Upgrade your vehicle with the best emergency-SHTF lighting

Check out our best suggestions for upgrading your emergency vehicle lighting.

How to Sterilize Water When a Disaster Happens

Learn how to sterilize water when a disaster happens. We look at the best solutions for both bugging in and out scenarios.

Prepper Glossary

Glossary of terms As I venture into the world of prepping as a complete beginner I very quickly found that I was slightly overwhelmed by the terms and acronyms used by preppers and survivalists. So first step was to put them down in a prepper glossary so I can refer...

How to Quickly and Safely Collect Rainwater for Use in Survival

Collecting water for survival is a vital skill and here we talk you through how to collect rainwater for use in a survival situation.

How to Control your Blood Sugar Level in Stressful Situations

Learn some great tips on how to control your blood sugar levels in stressful situations.

Learn survival techniques from Homeless people! How do they survive?

Come learn some of the great many lessons that survivalists can learn from homeless people and how they manage to survive living rough from day to day.

Best Emergency Window Breakers for All Situations | TOP 5 2020

Have you invested in any emergency window breakers yet? If not we’ll take you through what you need to look for as well as what NOT to buy.

About this Site

Hello, preppers, survival enthusiasts, friends and family!

If you are a beginner prepper who is getting quite excited about learning more about survivalism and emergency preparedness, you have come to the right place!

I’ve always really enjoyed the outdoors, but living in the city all my life I’ve come to realise I can drastically improve my knowledge and skills that I’d like to have in case of SHTF.

I’m going to read, research and learn as much as possible about survival prepping and emergency preparedness and share my findings with you here.

Lets go on a journey in the world of prepping and survival and learn as much as possible.

Comments and opinions are welcome wholeheartedly 🙂

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