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Start prepping today – Beat a Future Pandemic

Preppers around the globe were right. Here are their tips and tricks on how to beat a pandemic like Covid-19. 

January was a beautiful month, and the beginning of my journey through Europe. When coronavirus landed in the European Union, I was discovering the North Adriatic region. Enjoying my time in North Italy, I used to shake my head and wave off every thought of a new virus.. 

For me, it was like there was a new seasonal flu event. I was having the best time when all of a sudden, the lock-down arrived. Like in movies, Italy became the most affected by the new virus, and all the bordering countries isolated it. When an entire region was locked-down, I was still doubtful it would come to anything, or at least this is what I thought. 

Nearby regions had closed their borders, travelling restrictions were put in place, and air connections between EU states and the USA were closed. In just a few days, a new virus, the coronavirus, has spread through Italy. The supplies ran out and I was left alone without a place to shelter. In the middle of the epidemic for the first time I wished I had learned more about prepping and not dismissed it as an obsessive hobby. 

Today, as the number of global coronavirus cases continues to rise, people across the United States and the world are stocking up on food, medicine and other supplies. While the fear of the virus spread faster than the illness itself, there are people who don’t need to rush to Target or Walmart to stock up. 

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Many of us have thought of preppers as overly paranoid, worrying about ‘worse-case-scenario-doomsday’, but today in times of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, we admire their preparation. In fact, we envy their advanced measures to ensure the economic, physical, and emotional well-being during times of struggle. 

What can Preppers Teach us on How to Beat a Pandemic?

With a month’s worth of food, first aid kits, and safely spending time at home, it turns out that they were right. Preppers were stocked up on supplies well before the Covid-19 pandemic, and well before others rushed to strip store aisles bare of toilet paper, wipes, rice, and bread flour.

They aren’t offended by those who doubted and ridiculed them. Instead, during the pandemic, they are willing to help us, their neighbors, and the larger community. In-person, or on the internet, they are teaching others about the ways they can prepare for the next time. 

After researching what the prepping community had to say, the best advice I found, focussed on thinking it through, and making lists. 

So, the answer to how to beat a pandemic is: 

Think it through – CONSIDER ALL POSSIBLE SCENARIOS THAT ARE MOST LIKELY FOR YOUR AREA. A pandemic is something that has happened to all of us – that CAN happen to all of us and for this reason it’s important that we prioritize preparation specific to your local area.

The spread of the virus has left hospitals around the globe overwhelmed. Covid-19 shows us in real-life experience what a pandemic is and what it can do in terms of transmission. The key to preparation and peace of mind is to think it through to the worst-case scenario. What are the potential disasters that could affect you and your family? Now that we have an insight into what a global pandemic looks like, we can endeavour to prevent infection and keep healthy. 

The basic pandemic guidelines that we have become all to familiar with:

  • wash your hands regularly
  • get antibacterial gel, alcohol wipes, and a spray disinfectant
  • wear a face mask and practice social distancing

Apart from the obvious things we’ve all had rammed down our throats by now here’s is a list taking inspiration from the most prepared preppers to help you get through difficult times and to beat a pandemic.

Beat a Pandemic Tips

Your preparation goals will primarily focus on protecting yourself from catching and spreading the virus, and being able to shelter in your home comfortably for an extended period of time.

  • Don’t panic and overthink things. Let common sense prevail. If you struggle with this check out our article on mental toughness.
  • Focus on yourself and your loved ones. Once your immediate household is taken care of, look to help make sure elderly parents or adult children are included in your overall plan.
  • Be prepared to stay connected with family, friends, and others you trust and love. Make sure your laptop and phone are up to scratch. Perhaps investing in a new webcam would be a good investment for ensuring continued communication with family and friends?

  • Start with a two weeks stock of food and water and only buy food that your family WILL eat. And don’t forget about your pets.
  • Figure out what you need before you buy groceries and get a few extra tins each time you shop.
  • Plan ahead and start stockpiling medications, particularly if you require prescription meds. As we’ve seen from the stress put on our hospitals and local clinics, it may be some time before you can see a doctor and have your prescription renewed, so plan ahead.
  • Get a first aid emergency kit. If you need one, you can find an excellent family first aid kit here:

  • Assemble an emergency supply of batteries. Check what types of batteries your household needs and start to stockpile them. You could also look into an off grid power source like a solar power bank.

  • Assemble an emergency supply of flashlights. Think of different types of flashlight, eg headlamp, lantern style light that will light up a room if needed.

  • Prepare for long stretches at home without access to screens. Stock up on books, family games, things that will keep you and your family sane if you have to endure extended periods of lockdown.

Ninja tip –  To decrease the stress of being isolated some novel ideas are; puzzles, educational activities, and apps, zoos and aquarium visits via live cams, virtual travel tours, and outside activities, like bicycle rides, walks, yoga or jogging to maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking.

  • Ask your employer, school administrator, what their plan for this pandemic is. Make sure all your documents are up to date and valid (I know several people who discovered their passport had run out and needed it for legal reasons but during initial lockdown were unable to get a new one.)
  • Sign up for emergency alerts via text or email.

In Conclusion

You still have time to prepare for a potential long-term shelter in place. While many people are binging on Netflix shows, for you this is the perfect opportunity to do other things to de-stress, plan ahead, and start prepping.

In conclusion, Covid-19 pandemic is causing changes in our everyday lives. In summer 2020 we are still seeing the continuous global spread of the new virus with record numbers and health care professionals being tested to the limit here in the United States. 
Prepare now and have some semblance of peace of mind that you can cope if more extreme lockdown measures are enforced in your local area. Make a plan, beat a future pandemic.

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